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Stephanie Korpal Therapist - Stephanie Korpal
Stephanie Korpal Therapist - Stephanie Korpal


Stephanie Korpal, LCPC

Marble Wellness

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$150 - $175 per session

About Stephanie Korpal

You feel like you’re barely hanging in there. Like you’ve lost your way, or maybe even yourself. You just can’t seem to get back on solid footing-emotionally OR mentally. You’ve tried your usual tips and tricks to feel better, but they’ve barely moved the needle. Your brain feels like it’s not your friend and it’s tough to find happiness in the things that usually bring you joy. Your confidence has been knocked down a few pegs. You either feel keyed up with constant worry or knocked flat, laying on the couch or your bed without the energy to do anything. And now you’ve decided: it’s time for a change.

And you’re ready. You’re ready to get better. To find your way back to yourself. To be free from the weight of this feeling. You’re ready to wake up in the mornings and feel energized and capable. To feel like you’re the one in charge of your thoughts and emotions, not the other way around. You’re ready to just feel “normal.” I can help you get there.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, grief & loss, & maternal mental health. To make scheduling convenient for you, I offer sessions in-person, virtually, and also along the river. Getting started is simple: visit my website or call me today for your free, no obligation 15-minute phone consultation.

License Info

11 years in practice

Payment Information

Private Pay Rate: $150 – $175 per session
Does not accept insurance but provides super bills
My Specialties:
Grief & loss
Maternal mental health

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