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Holly Chuang, SEP in training

Holly Chuang, LLC

Meeting Format

Virtual only

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This therapist has openings


$140 per session

About Holly Chuang

For people who want to heal their anxiety and trauma: Holly is a Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner entering her advanced year of training. She facilitates healing by accessing the body’s nervous system and allowing the completion of physiological responses stuck in the body. Her interest came from working with first- and second-generation immigrants navigating family conflicts. Clients trust Holly for her sensitivity to both traditional values and modern realities. Religious clients also find Holly for integrated spiritual guidance.

Clients who are seeking to heal from burnout and loneliness in ministry, disillusionment in racial conciliation, or division in their religious community are particularly encouraged to set an appointment. Somatic Experiencing sessions can create a space to physiologically heal the betrayal of narcissistic leadership and the shame that protects its secrecy.

Holly is honored to journey alongside clients who want to grow, allowing what must be deconstructed to be reconstructed. Dismantled to be replaced. Die to be resurrected. Read to understand more about Somatic Experiencing.

License Info

2 years in practice

Payment Information

Private Pay Rate: $140 per session
Does not accept insurance
My Specialties:
Somatic Experiencing
Populations I work with
Languages I am fluent in

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