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Georgia S. Boxer, LPC, NCC


Meeting Format

In-person & virtual


Yes I have availability


$100 - $225 per session

About Georgia S. Boxer

I believe that, given adequate time, space, and resources, all individuals are capable of self-directed change regardless of their presenting problem. I also believe that therapy can often be the missing factor for those who seek but are unable to successfully make positive life changes on our own. As a counselor, I facilitate change by working with and through the client. As client and counselor, we work together, as a team, to best meet the client’s needs by setting, and then pursuing, realistic, attainable treatment goals.
As a counselor, I am 100% committed to the client’s ‘growth’; even during the hard times, even when the client isn’t, I will always believe in you and your capacity for change. I work from attachment and person-centered lenses, specializing in trauma and PTSD, identity (i.e. sexual, gender), anxiety, and mood disorders.
Seeking help for your mental health is no easy task. It takes both courage and humility, and I commend you for taking the steps you have thus far. As a counselor, it’s my honor and responsibility to always ‘chaperone’ the client through their therapeutic journey with empathy. The road to growth and change isn’t easy but THROUGH is often the only way.

License Info

License Number: #178.016734
5 years in practice

Payment Information

Private Pay Rate: $100 – $225 per session
Contact to discuss insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
My Specialties:

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