Psychologist with patient therapy vector

Our Services

We provide private offices that are uniquely furnished to suit therapy needs. That means complete privacy, relaxing comfort, a welcome safe space, complete with an easy online scheduling system for licensed Chicago area therapists to develop your private practices.

Chicago Minds is not only a place where you can develop your private practice, it is also a place where you can develop valuable professional and personal connections with other therapists in the Chicago Minds network.

If you are a licensed mental health provider registered with the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation or your respective professional associations with good and active standing, you can flexibly rent the therapy space from Chicago Minds by hours based on your own caseload. It is required that you have valid liability insurance and national provider identification.

Membership Benefits

We know how isolating building your own practice can be, and we want to be the support you need, so that you can focus on delivering great care to your clients.

A basic membership includes:

  • Enhanced visibility with custom listing

  • Peer support and mentorship

  • Discounts to professional development events

  • Exclusive discounts on courses and tools to help you grow your practice