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Race: The Elephant in the Room for White Therapists

Event Date:

August 4, 2020

Event Time:

5:00 pm

As a therapist, you went to graduate school with the intention to help others. You learned a little about a lot of things. You took courses in counseling techniques, human development, and abnormal psychology. You had one diversity or multicultural counseling course to meet the graduation criterion. However, that did not prepare you for working with persons of color.

You did not learn about the history of oppression and discrimination that goes into this profession. You did not learn about the intrinsic privilege and entitlement that entangled with your own race play significant roles in the therapy dynamic.

Many of us want to be an ally and many of us know it is important that we do our own work first. Yet, the process seems so daunting and uncomfortable. Rather than read another book with nobody to debrief with, it’s much more productive to learn from someone who can give you information and help you process your unknown and internal bias in a safe environment without fear or shame.

Chicago Minds invites Erin Matthews, creator of the Living in Empathy Work Group, for this live discussion to help you take the first step to do your own work. Learn how to be an ally and help other clinicians in your community by becoming more aware.

This live discussion will address the following questions:

  • Why does race feel so uncomfortable for White therapists?

  • Why should I bring up race with White clients?

  • What do I say to a racist client?

  • How should I take action starting today?

  • How can I address the issue of race when working with clients of color?

  • As a White supervisor, how can I better support my supervisees of color?

  • How can I network with therapists of color?

This event is open to all White therapists who want to get real about race in a safe space. This will be a shame free, vulnerable space to start doing the work. Following this discussion, please visit Erin’s Living in Empathy Work Group to continue your learning and take action.

Event description taken from Erin Matthews’ Living in Empathy Work Group, (c)2020 Erin Matthews.

About Erin Matthews, LCSW

Erin is a contagiously optimistic therapist and seasoned coach with over 15 years of mental health experience. Throughout her career, she has focused on therapy, coaching and training with an emphasis in the public and private sector. Erin has extensive facilitation and training experience leading others to realize their own potential.

Erin’s mission is to become an indispensable partner with individuals and organizations by coaching, training and mentoring white people to become warriors for racial justice by dismantling white supremacy on a personal and professional level to become REAL game changers. Erin feels strongly about education around how racism impacts both community and individuals in and outside of the therapy room. Working with white people who are unfamiliar with interacting with oppressed or marginalized populations has become an integral part of her work. She wants to both educate and promote improving racial relations.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • August 4, 2020 5:00 pm   -   6:00 pm
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