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Heart Chakra Tea Party (An In-Person, BIPOC Community Event)

Event Date:

June 22, 2024

Event Time:

2:00 pm

Reconnect with the wisdom of your Ancestors and embrace the healing power of plant medicine at our upcoming wellness workshop, “Heart Chakra Tea Party.” This event is designed to center BIPOC and provide tools for self-care and empowerment just in time for the Summer Solstice. This workshop focuses on opening and nurturing our Heart chakra and organ. We’ll start with a guided meditation. Then you’ll have the opportunity to select Chinese herbs that resonate with you to create your own personalized medicinal tea bags. Once your tea bags are crafted, you’ll be instructed on how to charge them with Reiki. And we’ll end with guided acupressure. The goal is to provide you with tools to support your health and to provide a safe space to do this in community.

*We ask that you BYOC (bring your own cup) so you can sip tea and socialize with us


Workshop Objectives:

-Be in community

-Reconnect with Ancestral Medicine and connection to herbs

-Build a toolkit to support you for the Summer

-Learn about Reiki energy

-Learn about the heart chakra

-Learn about the different herbs used in Chinese Medicine that support the heart center


About the Speakers:

Dr. Alyssa Pérez (she/her/ella), LaC, DACM is a Latina Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She uses a holistic approach to treating patients as a whole (body, mind, and spirit) and in supporting their body’s innate ability to heal itself through acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and lifestyle guidance. She supports those experiencing pain, sleep difficulties, anxiety and stress, concerns with digestion, menstruation, fertility, and immune health. She is a firm believer in the power of healing with community and strives to create Chinese medicine accessibility for BIPOC. 

Melissa Barrios (she/her/ella), LCSW is First Gen Latina and Healer (Medium, Reiki Practitioner). She is the founder of Healing Without Limits PLLC and Healing Without Limits Apothecary. Melissa offers a safe sacred space for BIPOC to decolonize their healing journey, connect with Spirit, reclaim their power, honor their truth, and reconnect to Ancestral wisdom and healing. She specializes in working with BIPOC who are: healing generational trauma, navigating challenging relationships with their parents, feeling exhausted from being the black sheep of the family and/or the responsible ‘go to’ one of the family, struggling to honor their voice and needs, and those who are on their spiritual awakening/ journey.


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Event FAQs

Cancellation Policy

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Event Schedule Details

  • June 22, 2024 2:00 pm   -   4:00 pm
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