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Fundraising for Horticulture for Healing

Event Date:

April 27, 2021

Event Time:

4:00 pm

Joanna Brown is the founder and program director of Horticulture for Healing (H4H)

She will guide you through their approach to provide creative emotional and physical support resources that compliment the journey of those in professional clinical treatment. Attend this session to learn more about H4H’s peer to peer strategy which partners alongside the traditional substance use treatment clinic. 

In this event, Joanna will share insight on the three foundations at Horticulture For Healing’s core. Horticulture For Healing (H4H) donates Plant Care is Self Care Kits as well as workshop programs specifically tailored for each center and the individuals at that center. The H4H program and materials are designed for: trans/cis women and girls, at risk trans/cis girls non binary and intersex individuals.  

This fundraising event will include:

  • Diving into the benefits of H4H Plant Care is Self Care Kits and workshops which link our program members to self care;
  • Chats about the toolbox of resources we provide which are to be used in times of stress, strong emotional ups and downs, and throughout the beautiful rollercoaster that is recovery;
  • Discussions on how plant care, self care, and feminist thinking strategies can be used as an empowerment tool for people who are often belittled by society due to oppressive societal norms;
  • Learn about how H4H is leveraging the power of a creative hand written zine in today’s digital world.

Join the session to learn more about how Horticulture For Healing is working to maximize our impact as we enter into our second year of existence!

Proceeds will go towards Horticulture For Healing program development for individuals who are in the journey of recovering from substance use. 

About the speaker

Joanna Brown
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Joanna has worked a 12 step recovery program she’s used to transform her life, claim and recognize her value, and trust in herself. Actively 9 years of continuous sobriety has uncovered that there are a few missing pieces within a 12 step program to support mental, emotional and physical healing. Joanna’s experience has taught her that applying various self kindness practices will continue to further her recovery to allow her to discover herself and live in her truth. Through Horticulture for Healing, Joanna extends her impact to support as many individuals as possible. Her program currently spans those who are trans, cis women and girls, non binary and intersex individuals in residential treatment, those within transitional sober homes, members of alternative juvenile programs, and women’s centers in Florida. With progress to expand H4H to all of those mentioned above, nationally! 

Joanna has built H4H from the ground up on her own. She funds her organization though self taught successful grant writing, fundraising and promotion. Joanna rides her bicycle as her main mode of transportation (9 years and counting…) and encourages others to do the same. She believes bicycling can be a powerful force to gain autonomy, self confidence, and practice the power of choice against a capitalist patriarchal white supremacist society. Joanna has a BA degree from UCF in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Humanities, Social Sciences and Environmental studies. Joanna plans to begin a graduate program in gender studies in late 2021.




Suggested Donation: $15

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • April 27, 2021 4:00 pm   -   4:45 pm
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