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Exploring Your Identity Workshop with Thyannda Mack

Event Date:

July 1, 2020

Event Time:

5:00 pm

The confluence of multiple identities and social locations makes each one of us a unique individual, a kaleidoscope through which we see the world in different colors and patterns. Pieces like race, gender identity, sex, religious/spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, age, ability differences, ethnicity, nationality, and socioeconomic status shape who we are and how we interact with others. As mental health providers, part of our job is to understand our clients through the lens of their own kaleidoscopes. In addition to our professional presence, we bring different levels of personal presence into the therapy room. The dance between our identities and our clients’ lived experiences can be empowering and therapeutic, but also sometimes confusing. What informs us to take a step forward or back? Exploring and gaining a deep understanding of our own identity is an essential step to becoming more authentic and grounding in the therapy space.

Identities matter in the therapy process, particularly those associated with privilege, power and advantage. In our effort to build a more inclusive and supportive mental health community, Chicago Minds believes it is important to start by helping mental health providers understand how their identities matter in the therapy space.

In this workshop, we invite Thyannda Mack, founder of Inclusive Resolutions LLC, to lead participants in an exploration of their own multifaceted identities and how their identities impact their daily lives and relationships. This workshop will help participants understand their own experience, beliefs, biases, and challenges with identity interactive exercises and defining relevant concepts. We will begin with an exploration of your own identity to understand who you are and how that affects the way you interact with others. The exploration will then transition to learning about common identity-based barriers and strategies for overcoming them. Finally, we will workshop identity-based challenges mental health providers may experience to strategize more effective approaches.

Following this event, Chicago Minds will be hosting a virtual panel discussion on the impact of Racial Inequalities on Mental Health, held on July 10th at 4pm CDT. Thyannda will also serve as a panelist. For more details, please visit the panel discussion event page.

About the Speaker

Thyannda is the founder of Inclusive Resolutions LLC where she helps organizations and individuals move toward resolution after incidents or disputes involving race, gender identity, sex, religious/spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, age, ability differences, ethnicity, nationality, or socioeconomic status. Her experiences as an attorney, educator, trauma survivor, and parent has made her adept at responding to and resolving identity-related incidents. She has 15+ years of experience in community engagement, facilitation, conflict resolution, and programming.

Thyannda has worked with the likes of the YWCA, DePaul University, Association for Conflict Resolution, University of Iowa, outpatient treatment centers, independent schools, community organizations, and professional organizations. Training and Certifications include Center for Conflict Resolution certified mediator, Illinois and Missouri licensed attorney, Diversity training with BUILD Diversity Training, Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Project program, National Association for Law Placement Annual Education Conference, American Association of University Women White Privilege seminar, Chicago Women in Intellectual Property, Central Exchange Women at the Leading Edge program.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • July 1, 2020 5:00 pm   -   6:00 pm
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