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Is your hybrid practice the best it can be?

Is your hybrid practice the best it can be? A guest post from Hushmail The virtual practice is here to stay. What started as a necessary transition during the pandemic-driven lockdowns has turned into an economical and convenient option for providing care to clients. Many practitioners are going back to in-office sessions while still offering […]

5 Essential Things That Should Be On Every Therapist Website


Guest post by Kat Love Every private practice therapist is juggling many roles. You are the therapist in your practice but you’re also the admin assistant, the bookkeeper, the head of sales, the marketing director, the biller… It can be a lot. And when it comes to marketing, and specifically to creating a therapist website, […]

Accounting & Business for Your Private Practice: Q&A

Running a successful private practice requires not only excellent clinical skills, but also good knowledge in accounting, tax and financial analysis. If you’re flustered by the mere thought of bookkeeping, tax forms and business strategies, you are not alone. Learning and managing a business can get very isolating and overwhelming. Chicago Minds understands challenges in […]

My Transition to Teletherapy: A Clinician’s Story

Written by Tracy De, LCSW The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new and unique challenges to many therapists. For myself, transitioning to tele-therapy is not just a steep learning curve, but also a wake-up call to reassess how mental health service may be more permanently shifting towards tele-based delivery in the future. I have to admit […]

Helping Your Private Practice Thrive Through Challenging Times

Adapted from workshop with Lili Gray  The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a new and unique challenge for many therapists and their clients. While we as therapists have to transition to virtual therapy in a short amount of time, so do our clients. During the transition, many of us may have lost some clients and are […]

Marketing Your Private Practice

Adapted from workshop with Nancy Benjamin We are all getting used to a new normal, where we’ve had to overcome physical and emotional challenges with being isolated, learning new technologies, and navigating new changes to policies every day. In providing mental health services, the circumstances may have been particularly difficult to adapt to: seeing a […]

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